International Exchange & Cooperation

  As the important window of the international exchanges on traditional medicine in China, CACMS plays a very active role in collaboration and academic exchanges with the international counterparts. Extensive friendship relations and communications are established between the academy and the hospitals, research institutions, universities, pharmaceutical companies, as well as non-government associations and communities in more than 100 countries and regions. Therefore, the academy is quit popular in the field of traditional medicine over the world. More and more foreign doctors, experts, the stated leaders and government officials have visited the academy and various academic exchanges of TCM have been carried out. Many foreign patients come to reserve treatment by the admiration TCM. The experts CACMS have offered medical services for the government officials of many countries. Moreover, the multi-lateral relations and collaboration have been established between CACMS and international organizations, such as WHO and UNDP. The 3 WHO ..
  Collaborating Centers for Traditional Medicine have made great efforts on the development of Traditional Medicine.